How to get Purified Heciphron in Warframe

Extremely pure.

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Purified Heciphron is a resource in Warframe that is used in the construction of some items. It cannot be harvest or mined, and must be made in the Foundry using other resources.

You will need a blueprint to make it. This blueprint can be purchased from Otak in the Necralisk on Deimos for 2000 Standing after you hit the rank of Stranger with the Entrati Syndicate.

Once you have the blueprint, you can make Purified Heciphron in the Foundry using the following resources:

  • 1000 Credits
  • 10 Heciphron

Heciphron – You can obtain Heciphron by farming the blue mineral veins on the Cambion Drift on Deimos.

Purified Hepichron can be contructed in the Foundry with a build time of one minute, which can be skipped for 5 Platinum. Each build will give you a stack of 10 Purified Hepichron.

Heciphron is used in the construction of the Sepulcrum Barrel, Speulcrum Receiver, Trumna Receive, Zymos Barrel, Zymos Receiver, and the new Vitrica melee weapon that is obtained by completing the Glassmaker Nightwave series.