How to get quicksilver in No Man’s Sky

Quicksilver is a rare premium currency in No Man’s Sky, and no, it does not cost real-world money

Image via Hello Games

When you’re buying and selling with traders all over the galaxy in No Man’s Sky, you make these exchanges using units, the traditional form of currency. The game has a premium currency known as quicksilver, but you don’t use real-world money to acquire it. No Man’s Sky has no microtransactions. However, quicksilver is a bit tougher to come across because of its high quality. There are a handful of ways you can obtain it, but they’re limited.

You primarily earn these through unique events in the game. Previously, you had to wait until there was a live event going on in No Man’s Sky to have the opportunity to locate them. Now, there are much easier methods of obtaining quicksilver, making it available to everyone to receive, regardless of how often you play.

First, you need to have access to the Nexus. The Nexus is where players can interact with one another in multiplayer instances and is a large hub for those looking to acquire missions, meet traders or stock up on supplies. You can find it at a location called the Space Anomaly.

When you arrive at the station, you should find several missions available at the Nexus interface. Once a day, you can find one quicksilver mission available you can add to your quest log. You can hold up to three quicksilver missions and complete them whenever you want to with no time limit attached. After you complete a quicksilver mission, you need to wait for the next daily quicksilver mission to become available.

You can use quicksilver to obtain exotic armor pieces, purchase a Void Egg, and many more things from the quicksilver synthesis companion inside of the Nexus.