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How to get Resonant Element in Destiny 2

Resonate with a crafting recipe or two.

Weapon crafting is a new mechanic in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion. The ability to shape and reshape weapons adds a new dynamic to the weapon sandbox. Season 17 revamped the crafting system and elements that can be farmed for resources. Resonant Element is an element introduced in this revamp and is needed for every crafting recipe. This guide will break down how to earn this vital resource.

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Earning Resonant Element

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Resonant element takes the place of the neutral element, which was the core crafting component for all weapon recipes. Resonant element is the only crafting resource and can be farmed using Resonant weapons. The Resonant element is key to the crafting gameplay loop that consists of three steps.

Step 1: Find a Resonant Weapon

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To earn Resonant weapons, play any activity in Destiny 2 that drops legendary engrams. This includes public events, strikes, PVP matches, and other in-game activities. Each Resonant weapon will have a distinct red border surrounding the image.

Step 2: Level up the Resonant weapon

To extract the Resonant element, you must use the weapon and fill out the attunement progress for the weapon. Head to any destination and use the weapon to finish off forty enemies. After 40 weapon kills, the weapon attunement progress will be complete.

Step 3: Extract the Resonant element

Once the weapon is ready, use the dropdown menu on the Resonant element and extract it. Each completed Resonant weapon will earn 300 Resonant elements to use at the Enclave to craft new weapons or refine old ones.

These steps will ensure a steady flow of Resonant elements and allow you to craft some of the most potent weapons in Destiny 2. Resonant element has a cap of 10,000, and the game will warn you if you’re closing in on that limit.

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