How to get rid of followers in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

It’s possible to fight alone in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

The hero of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a challenging game, but it does offer the player some mercy, as there as many stages where the protagonist is joined by up to two NPC allies who fight alongside you in battle. Those seeking the ultimate challenge can dismiss their friends and go it alone, but it requires using a specific item.

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How to dismiss NPC followers in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The first mission in Wo Long: Fall Dynasty has a mandatory NPC that cannot be dismissed, as they have an essential scene in the story. Once the player reaches the second level, they will encounter a warrior named Zhao Yun, who will become their first ally in the game. Zhao Yun brings an essential gift, as the player will be provided with the Willow Branch, which resides in the inventory.

The Willow Branch item in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
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The purpose of the Willow Branch is to dismiss NPC allies. Once the Willow Branch is selected, the player can remove one or both of their followers, allowing them to choose who they are fighting alongside. The Willow Branch is not consumed upon use, so players shouldn’t worry about it being a one-shot deal. The same isn’t true when it comes to bringing allies back, however, as the player will need to visit a banner, select Reinforcements, and choose the characters they wish to return to their side. Depending on the stage, this action might cost a Tiger Seal, of which the player has a finite amount.

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It bears mentioning that the followers will automatically be dismissed if the player engages in the online modes. If the player uses Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s co-op multiplayer, the NPCs will instantly be removed, as they will make way for the real-life players to take up the sword and join the person hosting the game.