How to get rid of trash in Coral Island

Keep Coral Island clean!

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When you first arrive on Coral Island, not only is your house in a bit of disarray, but your field is littered with trees, rocks, weeds, and trash. Those who have played games like Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons are used to games starting up like this and are able to quickly clear their fields so they can start planting their crops. However, trash is something new because it’s not something you can pick up. So, how can you get rid of the trash that’s littering not only your field but everywhere else in Coral Island?

How to remove trash in Coral Island

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get rid of the trash in Coral Island, you need to use the scythe that you got at the beginning of your game. It’ll take two swipes to remove the trash from the land. Most of the time, you will get pieces of trash. However, if you’re lucky, you’ll get useful resources from these piles of junk.

From our time playing the game, we were able to get the following items: coffer, glass, scrap, and sap. The latter three items are useful for crafting items. Even the pieces of trash you get can be used to make makeshift items like signs and pathways, though they aren’t that great-looking. If you find yourself with a lot more trash than treasure, just recycle it. Recycling it will get you resources. Selling trash gets you one piece of gold a piece, so it’s not worth it.

The best item you can get out of the trash is the coffers. Coffers are treasure chests that can hold valuable items inside. You can process them at the blacksmith for 20 coins. We were able to get items like a stone hand axe and five silver kelp, the latter of which can be used for upgrades. However, we also got some duds like trash. So keep your expectations in check when processing coffers.

Now, you won’t just be removing trash from the island. When you unlock the ability to dive underwater, you’ll be asked to clean the sea as well.