How to Complete Coral Island’s Disguise Wanted & Get The Royal Grape Blazer

Find out how to get the Royal Grape Blazer in Coral Island to complete Disguise Wanted for Gorm’s special outfit.

how to get a royal grape blazer coral island

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You won’t have much time to spare in Coral Island. You’ll be plenty busy running a farm, healing the corals, and saving the giants. You’d think after freeing them from their statue forms, they’d let you be, but it turns out the giants want something else: a disguise.

In a cut(e)scene, you witness Gorm trying to get noticed by the townies of Startlet Town. Alas, him being a “giant,” everyone walks by him. The only hooman who’s graced by his presence is you, apparently, so that dooms you to help him get a disguise. On the next day, a vague list of Desired items is delivered to your mail. Suffice it to say this shopping list is the epitome of a compliance challenge. However, in this guide, I’ll help you get Gorm’s disguise in Coral Island, Royal Grape Blazer included.

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All Disguise Wanted Items in Coral Island

royal grape blazer coral island
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Gorm aims to dress up like a human and blend in with Starlet Town’s townsfolk. To get his costume up and running, Gorm’s requirements are the following:

  • 1x Flower: pick up any flower from the wild or grow one yourself on your farm.
  • 3x Wool: if you own any sheep, just shear some wool every two days.
  • 1x Round Stylish Glasses: can be bought from the White Flamingo at Town Rank F.
  • 1x Royal Grape Blazer: can be bought from the White Flamingo at Town Rank D.

Several of these items are harder to come by, or require players to spend time repairing the town. If animal rearing and town rank restoration are high on a farmer’s to-do list, it should be a terrible task. However, if you’re missing certain requirements, it could be a bit before you can collect everything Gorm is looking for.

Once you’ve collected all the required items, head back to the Giant Village to give the items back to Gorm. This will

How to Get the Royal Grape Blazer in Coral Island

Coral Island royal grape blazer
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I get it; the name’s pretty confusing. However, this is a piece of clothing, so the place to find it is in the White Flamingo, Antonio’s clothing store in the town center.

However, there is a big, big but. This item won’t be available until you’ve increased the town’s rank to D. Despite all my best efforts, my town rank currently sits at E. Players won’t find the Royal Grape Blazer anywhere in the store, but that doesn’t mean it’s not anywhere else in Coral Island.

I had completely given up on this item until one random Sunday, as I headed to Ben’s Caravan to purchase an Ordinary Scarecrow, I spotted it: the Royal Grape Blazer. Now, the items Ben sells aren’t fixed, which might mean my encounter was just sheer luck. However, if you’re in a rush to complete this quest before the town’s rank goes up to D, it’s worth a try.