How to Get Hardwood in Coral Island

For most gold tool upgrades, you’ll ned to figure out how to get Hardwood in Coral Island.

Coral Island Hardwood Location

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If you plan to clean up that untidy lot in Coral Island, a few axe upgrades are in order. While the first two are a breeze, the third, however, comes with an unpleasant surprise. That 5x wood Pablo’s asking for? It’s Hardwood, which isn’t that easy to come by.

Even if you strutted in at 9:00 to the Blacksmith, oozing confidence like a wealthy estate owner, and realized you forgot the Hardwood for that gold upgrade, you’re not alone. And if you didn’t, congrats on being attentive to detail. Hardwood is the sturdier wood version, which doesn’t necessarily spawn in the same areas as wood. Thus, you’ll have difficulty acquiring this material, especially in the early game. In this guide, I’ll go over every way to get Hardwood in Coral Island.

Hardwood Spawning Location in Coral Island

How to Find Hardwood in Coral Island
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Hardwood typically spawns in the Deep Forest, which is only unlocked after completing all Crop Lake Temple offerings. You’ll also need a silver axe to break them. However, if you’re not that far into the game, there are a few alternatives.

The most effective way to get Hardwood in the early game is to break the Hardwood Log near the waterfall northwest of Coral Island. This gave me 7 Hardwood Logs, which I quickly put to use in a Scythe upgrade.

You could try the mines if you’ve already run out of that supply. Here, you’ll have a slight chance of getting Hardwood to drop from the Water, Wind, and Fire shafts.

There is a third, but in my experience, least effective method to procure Hardwood in Coral Island: chopping regular wood logs in hopes one Hardwood drops. You should have plenty to play with right outside the farm.

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Remember, you only need 5 Hardwood logs to upgrade most tools, and the watering can requires none. If you have to prioritize upgrading one tool to gold early, I’d suggest going for the Pickaxe or the Scythe since every other tool takes a backseat in Coral Island’searly to mid-game.