All Events in Coral Island – How to Crush All Festivals & Minigames

Coral Island’s festivals make each season special. Here is everything you can do when you attend each different gathering.

All Festivals in Coral Island

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Coral Island keeps you busy with all that farming, fishing, diving, and mining. I was so preoccupied during my first Spring that I forgot to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival. Needless to say, I reloaded my last save and rushed to the festival area first thing in the morning.

Festivals are a pretty big deal in Coral Island. It’s not just event-themed decor and a shop. You’ll also find minigames, exclusive character dialogue, and a main activity that drives the narrative of the event forward. You’ll notice some returning events from your favorite farming sims, like the Potluck and Grange Display from Stardew Valley. Still, there are also some originals, like the Animal and Planting events. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about every festival in Coral Island and how to make the most of it.

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Coral Island: All Seasons Festival Date & Time

Spring Festivals

Cherry Blossom Event Guide Coral Island
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  • Cherry Blossom Festival: On Spring 10, head to the Alun-Alun Square on the southwest of Starlet Town from 9 to 14 to start a festival with Balap Karung races, donate a top-quality item to the Hotpot and shop for exclusive items in the Cherry Blossom shop.
  • Tree Planting Festival: On Spring 21, head to the area north of the farm between 8 and 14 to start a festival to replant Purwo Woods. This area will look completely different in four years, thanks to you.

Summer Festivals

Summer Festivals Coral Island
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  • Animal Festival: On Summer 12, head to the area in front of the Community Center between 9 and 14 to be part of a fun animal-inspired festival. There are loads of side activities, like the Cow and Chicken Competition, a fun mechanical bull, and a pet race, the main event.
  • Beach Cleanup Festival: On Summer 27, make your way to the Beach from 9 to 14 to clean up the beach alongside the Starlet Town residents. Besides the main event, which is the cleanup, you’ll get to participate in a fun game of Tug of War and a swimming contest.

Fall Festivals

How to Win Harvest Contest Coral island
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  • Mooncake/Harvest Festival: Prepare your best produce ahead of Fall 15 to present it all in a Harvest Display contest between 19 and 20 in Alun-Alun Square. There are also some minigames, like the apple bobbing and smashing pumpkin side activities.
  • Spooky Festival: On Fall 28, swing by the Community Center area after 19 to enjoy a Halloween-inspired festival where you’ll get to shop for spooky furniture, play a scavenger hunt, and a tossing candy ring game.

Winter Festivals

  • Winter Festival: We’ll update with new info as soon as we reach this event in the game.
  • New Year’s Eve Feast: On Winter 28, head to the Hillside Vineyard at 19 to enjoy some nice fireworks with the entire community. There’ll be a Lucky Wheel to spin and a Don’t Drop the Balloon game to play.

What to Contribute to the Potluck in the Cherry Blossom Festival

Hotpot Donation Coral Island
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I still have nightmares about tossing the wrong thing in Stardew Valley’s potluck and getting the entire town sick. But don’t worry, Coral Island’s Mooncake Festival is much more forgiving.

In the first year, the best and easiest thing to get your hands on for the Hotpot Donation in Coral Island is a common Salmon, a common Squid, or, if you’re particularly handy with the rod, a Bronze-quality Crayfish. Judge Ross, who is in charge of judging the Hotpot, will like the outcome.

There are, however, items that will get you a better result: the items Judge Ross loves. This includes silver, gold, and osmium-quality seafood, animal produce, and very few veggies. However, it’s unlikely you’ll get them in your first year.

How to Win the Harvest Display Contest in Coral Island

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The Harvest Festival features what’s arguably the most important skill showoff in the game: The Harvest Display Contest. You should bring your best vegetables, fruits, flowers, coop products, barn products, and artisan products on Fall 15 to kick Bobby’s butt. Here’s a breakdown of the contest rules:

  • Each category rewards 6 points, which would award you 36 points if you manage to bring an item for all of them.
  • The score you get is based on the price and quality of the products. The better the quality and the higher the selling price, the more points you get. If you bring 6 osmium-quality items, you can score 181 points.

The highest score Bobby can get in the first year is 96 points, so make sure to bring as many top-quality products as you can get to get a higher score than that.

Coral Island: All Scavenger Hunt Items Location in the Spooky Festival

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During the Spooky Festival, there’s a side activity to find 5 Scavenger Hunt items. These are purple eyeballs scattered all over town. Once you’ve found them, bring them to the scarecrow in the fountain to get a Pink Diamond.

ImageScavenger Hunt Item Location
The first Scavenger Hunt item is located next to the water fountain with the skellies.
The second Scavenger Hunt item is on the left side of the witch’s cauldron, right next to 5 stacked pumpkins.
The third Scavenger Hunt item is located behind a tombstone in the Graveyard, in front of a wooden barrel.
The next one is to the piano’s right, near the furniture shop.
The last one is near the Main Activity, where you’ll find Chieftain. The fifth Scavenger Hunt item is between a wooden bench and a lamppost decorated with bats.