How to get Sapphiron Ore in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

A bright blue gleam.

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One of the earlier available Ore materials in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Sapphiron Ore is used for armor and weapons in both the early and mid-game. It’s also not that hard to find, and there are enough places to get it that it will only take a few Expeditions to have more than enough for most purposes. You’re likely to come across it during hunts as well. We’ll go over all the places you can find Sapphiron Ore in this guide for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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Where to find and farm Sapphire Ore

Sapphiron Ore is a common drop from Mining Outcrops in the Jungle level. Unlike most locations in Rise, there are more silver Outcrops than blue, but Sapphiron Ore comes from both of them, so your best bet to farm it is to clear the map of gathering points. The various Outcrops are spread out enough that the first should have respawned by the time you collect the last one.

Here are all the Mining Outcrop locations in the Jungle:

Jungle Blue Mining Outcrops

Screenshot by Gamepur

Jungle Silver Mining Outcrops

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Silver Mining Outcrops are easier to find in the Jungle, and not just because of their increased number. Most of them are easier to see from a distance and don’t require trying to find one of the many hidden openings and tunnels that dot the area.

Start your path by grabbing the silver Outcrop directly north of the main camp and make your way northwest, circling around to pick up the pair of Outcrops on the mountain’s northern side. Be sure to check inside the cavern system beneath the mountain as well, as there are also Bonepiles and other gathering points.

Your best option is to gather on an Expedition quest, but there are enough Outcrops near the various encounter areas that you can do a little gathering in case the monster transitions to a new zone. The same is true if you’re following the ideal Spiritbird buff path before you start a hunt in earnest.