How to get Sharkruiser in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Drive like a shark.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Hot Wheels Unleashed has a vast roster of cars for you to collect. While many are little more than miniature versions of the vehicles you see on the road every day, some are much more interesting and special. In this guide, we’ll cover how to get one of those interesting vehicles, Sharkruiser.

How to get Sharkruiser

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can get Sharkruiser in two ways in Hot Wheels Unleashed. First, you can pick it up in a Blind Box, but the chances of this happening are pretty slim. The vehicle is incredibly rare, so you probably won’t get it until you’ve opened around 100 Blind Boxes. The second method is by waiting for the car to show up in your shop inventory. The shop refreshes every four hours of in-game time, so check in now and then to see if you’ve finally been given a chance to buy this car.

Sharkruiser is part of the 2021 Variety Vehicles Hot Wheels series. It’s a car that looks like a shark, and you’ll generally find it hounding you for first place in every race you take on. If you’re sick of Sharkruiser chasing you, pick it up and become it. This car doesn’t have the most impressive stats, but it can go pretty fast on straight bits of track.