How to get Shinx in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor

Shinx is waiting for you to capture it.

Shinx has arrived to Pokémon Sword and Shield, and you can find them in the expansion pack The Isle of Armor. It would be best if you traveled to the new region in Galar to obtain this Pokémon, but you won’t immediately know where to catch it. It’s a bit trickier to encounter it during the correct weather conditions because it won’t come out at every available time during the day.

You can find Shinx along the north and northwest border of the Isle of Armor. You want to look for it at the Challenge Beach, Training Lowlands, on Challenge Road, and in Potbottom Desert. While at these locations, you want to wait for it to be raining or for there to be a thunderstorm. These are the only viable weather conditions for Shinx to appear.

While under these conditions, it shouldn’t take you too long to find one. Shinx are usually readily available for capturing, and you can see them walking around the area. Once you battle one, try to capture it like any other Pokémon and add it to your collection. It has two evolutions, Luxio and Luxray, so you can level it up with your party and unlock each of its Pokémon forms.

You will find plenty of things to do in the Isle of Armor DLC, such as collecting Max Mushrooms, evolving a Galarian Slowpoke into a Slowbro, using Armorite Ore, and getting Gigantamax forms for your Pokémon.