How to get Shock Absorbers in Tower of Fantasy

For a smoother ride.

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Like almost everything in Tower of Fantasy, you can upgrade your vehicles to get rewards and customization options that make them truly yours. Another common aspect found in Tower of Fantasy is that there are more than a dozen different kinds of upgrade material that give different amounts of upgrade points. One such material is a Shock Absorber, a blue-rarity item that provides moderate vehicle experience when applied during maintenance. This guide will show how you can get Shock Absorbers, so you never run dry.

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Take Shock Absorbers from mechs and chests

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Your primary sources of Shock Absorbers are mech enemies and password chests. Mechs include any Treasure Guardian at Strongholds and any other enemy type wearing a mech suit, like the Vermin Brothers and others. Be aware these rewards also come from defeating mechs within activities like Interstellar Exploration or other instanced content.

Password chests of all rarity levels also have a chance of dropping Shock Absorbers. The higher rarity the chest, the better the drop rate. Be sure to do your daily bounties and weekly activities to get as many password chips as you can so you’re never left wanting when you see a chest.

The final source of Shock Absorbers is the Support Store. You can purchase a single Shock Absorber for 100 Support Points, a currency you get by helping newer players with content throughout the game.

How to use Shock Absorbers

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To use Shock Absorbers to upgrade your vehicles, go into the Vehicle screen from the start menu. Click “Maintain,” and if you can use Shock Absorbers, the game will direct you to apply a specific number to apply the maintenance. The higher level your vehicle, the more materials it takes to maintain, and the items required change as the vehicle levels up, so you won’t always need to use Shock Absorbers, but continue collecting them, so you have them when you need them.