How to get silver ore in V Rising

When resources are the greatest threat.

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Silver offers a unique consideration within V Rising. On one hand, it’s dangerous to the vampires that have recently arisen from their decade-long slumber. On the other, it’s a necessary resource to interact and barter with wandering traders and to create end-game weapons.

Thus, a deft balance must be struck when players are using silver. Holding the ore type within the inventory will result in a damage-over-time (DoT) effect until the silver is removed. The damage is dependent on how much silver is being held in a single vampire’s inventory at once. Holding more silver will result in greater damage ticks throughout the DoT, while less silver ostensibly has the opposite effect.

Note: holding silver ore can, and will, kill players. Take note of damage tick amounts, and hold healing items as necessary to mitigate the DoT. Silver Resistance Potions can mitigate the vast majority of damage taken from holding these items.

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The currency of silver can be found throughout multiple villages and residences across Vardoran. Looting corpses, checking stashes and chests within residences, and defeating bosses are all valid means of obtaining silver in large-enough amounts to make bartering with traders possible.

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If searching for ore, the Sacred Silver Mine within Silverlight Hills is where players should check. The massive area is home to a litany of level 60+ enemies, ranging from paladins to foot soldiers, but it’s the only region possible to amass large quantities of the resource. Both defending from enemies while attempting to gather ore can be difficult within the appropriate gear — players may want to visit the Cursed Forest to up their V Rising gear score as high as possible before attempting this region.

While silver may be a natural enemy to the vampire, it’s necessary to push end-game content as the title currently stands. Balancing the silver DoT with Silver Resistance Potions is a necessary strategy to live long enough for the silver to be brought back to the keep for crafting.