How to get Small Kemono Shell Skin in Wild Hearts

A crabby patty.

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Small Kemono Shell Skin is one of Wild Hearts more rare and obscure crafting materials. Unlike many other crafting materials, this item can only be found from one enemy who thrives in one very specific location. Kemono Shell Skin is a necessary material for creating armor and weapons with great Water resistance and offensive attributes. This guide will show you how to get small Kemono Shell Skin in Wild Hearts.

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Where to find Small Kemono Shell Skin in Wild Hearts

Small Kemono Shell Skin is so obscure that many players may not even know it exists until they try to make Tier 3 and Tier 4 armor and don’t have any on hand. Thankfully, it’s a reliable item to farm as it always drops from the same creature and place without fail. Small Kemono Shell Skin can only be found by slaying a crab-like beast called the Grassghoul Decapod. This creature can only be found in Chapter 3’s Spirit Isle or Chapter 4’s Natsukodachi Isle. These two locations are the same, but all location names change in Chapter 4 due to the story.

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You may find and hunt these small crabs during Chapter 2, but these early game versions of this creature will only drop Small Kemono Carapace. In Wild Hearts, every Kemono from Chapter 3 onward is considered Invasive, and Invasive animals drop high-tier materials designed to help players upgrade late-game armor sets and weapons.

Once you travel to this location, follow the main road out of your coastal camp until you reach the eastern portion of the map. You will find two clusters of Grassghoul Decapods waiting to be hunted. Reference the map below to see the two places these Kemono can spawn.

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Once you kill and farm these creatures, bring up your map and fast-travel back to Minato. As soon as you load back into Minato, fast-travel back to the Spirit Isle. Doing this will cause the Grassghoul Decapod to respawn. Collect as much Small Kemono Shell Skin as you need to build some great Water infused armor and weapons.