How to get Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts

Shine a light on this rare item.

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Mirror Stone is a region-exclusive crafting material that many high-level weapon upgrades rely on in Wild Hearts. Crafting high-tier armor and weapons is essential if you want a chance at taking down Mighty Kemono and the end-game bosses the late game has in store. Despite being a rare material, Mirror Stone can be farmed relatively quickly when you know how to earn it. This guide will explain how to get Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts.

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Where to find Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts

Mirror Stone is an ore found only in one location in Wild Hearts. To begin amassing Mirror Stone, you must head to Harvest Canyon. This location is known as Akikure Canyon in Chapter 4, but avoid the late-game version of this region, as Mirror Stone can only be found in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Thankfully, once you head to this location, you can find Mirror Stone anywhere in the world, as it’s embedded into cliff walls and rock faces. Reference the picture below to see what Mirror Stone looks like in the game.

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When you see this bright yellow stone, run up to it and hit L2 to add a chunk of Mirror Stone to your collection. If you want to earn Mirror Stone in rapid succession, we suggest you build a Tsukumo Ore Shrine. You can unlock this Dragon Karakuri in the Karakuri skill tree tab of the menu screen.

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If you place two or three of these structures, these shrines will start accumulating materials for you. After a few minutes, these structures will say, “Collected: 5/5 Materials.” Collect the materials when it’s full, and you will earn a handful of Mirror Stone with each pickup. Let these shrines make resources while exploring the map and collecting Mirror Stone nodes. Doing this will give you the biggest rock collection Minato has ever seen.