How to get Silken Thread in Wild Hearts

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Silken Thread is a rare crafting material used to assemble the best armor sets in Wild Hearts. Each game’s four distinct environments is home to dangerous Kemono, secret records, and a ton of materials. High-rank armor is critical to surviving Mighty Kemono and adventuring into the end-game hunts. This guide will explain how to get Silken Thread in Wild Hearts.

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Where to find Silken Thread in Wild Hearts

Like Mirror Stone and Pointed Scale, Silken Thread lies in the Fall inspired region in the west called Akikure Canyon. This location is as deadly as it is beautiful, and some of the game’s rare minerals and ore are here. Silken Thread can be found in Harvest Canyon or Akikure Canyon. These regions are the same, as its name will change based on which chapter of the story you’re in. Once you have access to this region, head there to begin your hunt for Silken Thread. The image below will show you precisely what you want to keep an eye out for when you’re tracking down this rare material.

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Silken Thread is a material that resembles a hardened plant growing out of the surface around this region. It can be found in each section of this massive location, including the main road outside the starting campsite. These sprouts only grow out of the ground and won’t be found on rooftops or cliff walls, making them easy to spot.

Unlike other rare materials and ore in this region, Silken Thread is exclusively used for crafting and building high-level armor sets that you gain from hunting Mighty Kemono. These enemies are found from Chapter 3 onward and are more challenging and aggressive than the standard Kemono they originate from.

Make sure to fast travel to this region to farm these materials as fast as possible. Silken Thread can be sold for a high price at the market, but we suggest you hold on to them to make armor instead.