How to get Snoopy in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Go peanuts on the race track.


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Snoopy is not the character you think of when you collect Hot Wheels cars. However, there is a Snoopy car that’s one of the most iconic vehicles in the franchise. Beloved by many, it’s no surprise that the Peanuts comic strip made it into the Hot Wheels franchise in 2014. Since then, the car has been reproduced for a handful of sets, and now it’s available in Hot Wheels Unleashed. This guide covers how you can find and add Snoopy to your collection.

Buy it or get very lucky

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are two ways to add Snoopy to your collection in Hot Wheels Unleashed. The first is by getting very lucky with a Blind Box. These are loot boxes that you can purchase with in-game Coins, and they have a chance of dropping this incredibly rare vehicle. Your chances are pretty slim, though, so we’d recommend going with the second method.

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The second way you can acquire Snoopy is by purchasing it from the in-game shop. The shop inventory resets every hour or so of time played, so make sure you keep checking back to see if there’s something new in stock. When we purchased Snoopy, it cost us 2,000 Coins, but it’s money well spent. The stats on this car are pretty high, but there’s no way to upgrade them, so you’ll likely end up using other vehicles when it comes to high stakes competitions.