How to earn more battle pass XP in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Complete the battle pass early.


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Now that the DC Super-Villains Racing Season is live, you can start to earn XP towards the very first battle pass in Hot Wheels Unleashed in everything you do. However, some activities are more rewarding than others, and you can even end up finishing a race with very little XP being added to the battle pass. To help you make the most of your time in the game, we’ve put together this guide for how to earn more battle pass XP.

Complete every daily challenge

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Once you’ve purchased the DC Super-Villains Racing Season, you’ll unlock daily challenges. These are small tasks that you can complete, such as racing in the Campus environment three times or completing a quick race. While they might seem trivial, the XP they award is not. Completing these challenges will reward you with big chunks of XP to put toward your battle pass, allowing you to push up through a few levels each day.

Quick Race on single-lap tracks

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While standard races will only earn you 10XP upon completion, they’re worth doing if you want to grind out the battle pass and have already completed the daily challenges. We’ve found that the easiest way to grind XP in Quick Races is on single-lap tracks, those that have a start and endpoint and don’t require you to complete multiple laps. This way, you drive around the track once, and then you’re finished.


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Outside of Quick Races and whatever the daily challenges ask you to do, multiplayer is the best way to keep the grind through the battle pass interesting. No one match is the same as the other, and you’re guaranteed to earn a small chunk of XP for your trouble. It won’t feel like any less of a grind than playing Quick Races, but it does add a level of challenge and keep you a bit more engaged.