How to get Sorry for the Trouble! achievement in Genshin Impact

You also get rewarded with 5 Primogems.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sorry for the Trouble! is a secret achievement gated behind a unique daily commission in Genshin Impact. This uncommon achievement can be found by failing another daily commission in Inazuma, the Inazuma Sales Specialist.

In the Inazuma Sales Specialist commission, you’re tasked with a simple job: talk to the NPC Vahid to get some fertilizer and instructions on how to use them. Then, report to the NPC Konda Daisuke and correctly relay the instructions to him. It’s hard to mess up, which is why players will often miss a secret, altering path.

If you mess up and relay the incorrect information to Konda, then the fertilizer will overreact and essentially mess up Konda’s garden. You’ll unlock the daily commission Post-Sale Service immediately after. Talk to Vahid, then head back to Konda Daisuke. You’ll notice that due to Konda using the fertilizer incorrectly (as you gave him false information), mushrooms are growing rampant in his garden. Pick out all of the mushrooms and turn them into Konda Daisuke.

As a warning, you need to pick up all ten mushrooms. It’s possible to turn in the quest after picking up less than ten mushrooms. Once you turn in all ten mushrooms, you’ll get the achievement, Sorry for the Trouble! Not only will you get bragging rights for such a strange achievement, but you’ll still get rewarded a cool 5 Primogems for your sabotage.