How to get Spectral Debris in Warframe

Into the Void, hunting ghosts.

Spectral Debris is a resource that was added to Warframe in the Sisters of Parvos update. It is used as a building material for the Hound companions that were also added in the update.

Spectral Debris can be obtained by kill Errant Specters in the Granum Void. Errant Specters are a common enemy in the Granum Void as they constantly multiply. The attack players with ranged energy beams that can stagger. When they are killed they will leave behind a ghost Specter Particle that can only be killed with the Xoris glaive.

How to get to the Granum Void

To get to the Granum Void, players will need Granum Crowns. Granum Crowns were introduced to Warframe in the Deadlock Protocol update. These resources will allow you to visit another dimension, and fight an army of evil Spectres. To get Granum Crowns, you will need to play missions on the new Corpus Ship tileset that was introduced with the update.

Different types of Crowns will drop at different mission difficulty levels. So up to about Level 14 for the first, level 25 or so for the second, and level 30 plus for the latter.

  • Granum Crown – get you access to Granum Void (can drop Protea Nueroptics on Rotation C)
  • Exemplar Granum Crown – gets you access to Extended Granum Void (can drop Protea Chassis on Rotation C)
  • Zenith Granum Crown – gets you access to Nightmare Granum Void (can drop Protea Systems on Rotation C)

Below you can find a list of example missions for each type of Granum Crown:

  • Fossa (Venus) – Granum Crown
  • Trition (Neptune) – Exemplar Crown
  • Oceanum (Pluto) – Zenith Crown