How to get Star Crimzian in Warframe

Reach for the stars.

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Star Crimzian is a manufactured resource in Warframe, which means you will need a blueprint, and other resources, to be able to make it. Star Crimzian is used in the manufacture of Amps, Sentinel weapons, Kitguns, and Necramech parts.

To get the blueprint for Star Cimzian, you will need to purchase it from Old Man Suumbaat at Cetus for 15,000 Standing, after reaching the rank of Trusted with the Ostron. Trusted is the third earnable rank with the Ostron Syndicate, and will actually take some work to achieve. You will need to do missions of Konzu, who can be found near the gates to the Plains of Eidolon.

When you have the blueprint, you will be able to make Star Crimzian in the Foundry on your Orbiter using the following resources:

  • 5000 Credits
  • 6 Crimzian

Each build run will give you six Star Crimzian.


You can find Crimzian on the Plain of Eidolon by mining blue mineral veins. It doesn’t have any other drop sources, and its only function in the game right now is to make Star Crimzian.

When mining, you should use a Smeeta Kavat, if you have one, as the Charm ability will double resource drops from mining when it is active. You can also use a resource booster to effectively double your loot pickups, getting you twice as much of any mineral that you mine. Crimzian is an Uncommon drop while mining, so its best to use a higher ranked mining drill to try and increase the drop rate. We have had good success using the Sunpoint Plasma Drill that is available from Smokefinger at Fortuna.