How to get Steel in Ghost of Tsushima

Cold as steel.

Ghost of Tsushima

As you battle your way through Feudal Japan inĀ Ghost of Tsushima, you will need to gather various resources to upgrade your weapons and gear. Steel is an important resource used to upgrade your weapons, so you will want to find plenty of it.

You will be able to upgrade your weapons at various swordsmiths that you can find throughout the game.

You can get Steel from a few different sources in the game, so pay close attention while you play to make sure you are getting as much as possible.

  • Looting – steel can occasionally be found by looting buildings that you find in the game. When you are in a village, farm, or settlement, be sure to check every house you can get into for chests which can often give you steel.
  • Liberating farms from the Mongols will reward you with steel. Farms will be marked on the map as a red wheat icon.
  • Liberating Outposts from the Mongols will reward you with steel. Outposts are marked on the map with a red dot.
  • You can purchase steel from trappers, as long as you have enough Supplies to pay them with.

If you wish to check how many resources you have, hit the Options button to open the menu, then select the Collections tab and your Satchel. In your Satchel, you will be able to see a count of all the Wood, Metal, Cloth, and Goods that you currently possess.