How to get Storm Crystals in No Man’s Sky

Battle the elements to claim their treasure.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Storm Crystals are a resource in No Man’s Sky that was added with the Prisms update. They’re one of many rewards you can earn by heading out into hazardous storms on planets that are actively trying to kill you, whether they’re toxic, frozen, or otherwise. This guide covers how to get Storm Crystals and offers some tips on collecting them.

Brave the hazardous storms

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll only find Storm Crystals in the worst storms in No Man’s Sky. These are the storms that deplete your environmental protection the most and even make it hard to see at times. You’ll be able to see the Storm Crystals on the planet’s surface because they’re huge shards of light that stick up out of the ground. All you need to do is walk up to them and interact with them to collect a single Storm Crystal.

Check with your scanner

If you’ve found all the Storm Crystals near your location, pull up your scanner and search for more. They’ll appear as a yellow icon on the scanner and should be labeled as Storm Crystals. Keep an eye out for them and try to go for the nearest ones first. There’s no sense in heading too far away because you’ll either leave the storm or it will pass on before you reach the precious resource.