How to get struck by lightning in DogLife – ZAP! Achievement


Screenshot by Gamepur

Being struck by lightning is one of those things that never always, but there’s always the chance it could happen. In DogLife, while you’re playing as a dog, your dog might be struck by lightning. There’s an achievement called Zap!, which is the perfect name for achievement about being shocked like that. Here’s what you need to know about being struck by lightning in DogLife.

There’s a random chance your animal will be struck by lightning. It’s a random event that can happen if you’re an outdoor animal or you live inside and have a home. When the event occurs, you’ll receive a notification, and the event will play out. The event happens when you age up your animal.

It’s also important to note that when you’re struck by lightning, all of your stats instantly hit 100, maximizing everything across the board. The event is a random, rare occurrence, so don’t expect it to happen to every pet you play.

You’ll receive a notification when your animal is struck by lightning, along with the achievement, Zap. Unfortunately, it’s a random event, so it isn’t easy to theorize to happen at a consistent rate. You can try escaping from the shelter or your home if you want to attempt to be struck by lightning. We’ve had this happen twice with a street dog and one that lived with a home. But you will need to age up for this to appear.