How to get Superman in Hot Wheels Unleashed

You can even make it fly.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Superman is an iconic comic book character, but it’s also a physical Hot Wheels car. The first Superman debuted in Hot Wheels as part of the DC Character Universe Cars in 2012, replicated almost every year since. The version found in Hot Wheels Unleashed is from the 2019 run, sporting the red and blue combo that DC fans know and love. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can get this car for yourself and start racing it around every track in the game.

How to get Superman

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get your own Superman car in Hot Wheels Unleashed, you must purchase the Volume 1 Expansion Pass. This is the only way to acquire the car since it’s part of the planned DLC roadmap for the game. If you own the pass, you can get Superman by navigating to the Add-Ons section in the main menu. You will then be presented with a list of DLC that you can access, and Superman is one piece of DLC in that list. You’ll need to visit the appropriate digital storefront to unlock it, but once you have, it’ll appear in your collection.

It’s unlikely that Milestone will ever add this car to Hot Wheels Unleashed as free content, so don’t count on finding it in a Blind Box or the in-game store any time soon. If you want to soar through the air like a bird or a plane, you’ve got to pay for it.