How to get Synkro in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Start your Christmas right.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Synkro is a Hot Wheels car that’s part of the AcceleRacers series. It made its debut in 2005 in the AcceleRacers Teku #3 Set, and since then, it’s been reproduced dozens of times in various other sets over the years. The latest iteration of the car was in 2021 with the Hot wheels Design Lab 5 Pack. It’s possible to get the original 2005 model of Synkro in Hot Wheels Unleashed, and this guide explains how.

Download the Christmas Pack

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get Synkro, you need to open the Add On menu from the main menu and navigate to the Vehicles subheading. Once there, scroll along until you find the Hot Wheels Christmas Pack, then download it. This Christmas Pack contains three cars, one of which is Synkro. We had to restart the game once we’d downloaded the pack to get the car to show up correctly in-game, so you might need to as well.

Synkro has relatively good stats, but its braking power is almost non-existent. The car is designed to hurtle around corners incredibly fast but won’t help you on a more technical track. It needs straightaways to really shine.

The Hot Wheels Christmas Pack was a surprise addition to the game from developer Milestone in 2021. The pack adds three cars to the game for free and doesn’t require the Volume 1 Pass or any other expansion passes for you to access it.