How to get the AcceleRacers Bassline in Hot Wheels Unleashed

A rare treat from a treasured set.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The AcceleRacers Bassline is part of the AcceleRacers Teku set. It was first produced in 2005 and has been a core part of the AcceleRacers sets ever since. It’s been reproduced multiple times per year, the latest of which at the time of writing was in 2021, and is available in many different colors and liveries. However, it’s possible to get the original version of this car in Hot Wheels Unleashed, and this guide explains how.

Own the Volume 1 Pass

Screenshot by Gamepur

The only way to get the AcceleRacers Bassline is to purchase the Hot Wheels Unleashed Volume 1 Pass and download it. Open the Add On menu and scroll across until you find the page for the AcceleRacers Bassline from the main menu. Now, you’ll need to download the car from the relevant digital storefront. However, if you don’t own the Volume 1 Pass, you won’t be able to do this, so make sure you purchase the pass if you want the car. After the car has been downloaded, it should appear in your collection. We had to restart the game to get it to appear correctly, so you may need to do this too.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The stats on this car are nothing to write home about, but you can upgrade the vehicle to perform better in each race. Owning this car is more about owning a part of Hot Wheels history, racing it around custom-made tracks with liveries that resemble every iteration from 2005 to today.