How to get the Aspect of Destruction in Destiny 2

Appetite for destruction.

Destiny 2

The second Stasis Aspect, Aspect of Destruction, is available in Destiny 2 if you complete a run of quests and challenges. The first thing you will need to do is visit the Exo Stranger on Europa and get Born In Darkness Part 4 from her. You will need to have completed the first three parts of the Born In Darkness quest to have access to it.

This will give you a mission that will set you on the path towards obtained the Aspect of Destruction.

Step 1 – A Hard Rain Falls

A Hard Rain Falls, and you will need to do patrols and Public Events in the Eclipsed Zone on Europa. The Eclipsed Zone can be found by looking for a golden Darkness Splinter icon on the map of Europa in your Director, as shown in the image below.

Step 2 – 50 Stasis Kills

You will then need to get 50 Stasis kills. This is very easy to do in the Eclipsed Zone, as you have improved ability and Super energy regen in these areas.

Step 3 – Nightfall time

You will need to run three Nightfalls with the Stasis subclass equipped, and affect 60 combatants with Stasis. This just means hitting them with any of your stasis abilities and slowing, freezing, or killing them with it.

Step 4 – House Salvation Platoon defeated in Creation

An icon will appear on your map that will lead you to Creation, the new area in Bray Exoscience that opened up after the Deep Stone Crypt Raid was completed. Follow the waypoints to the spawning Darkness Splinters and take out any enemies that are there.

Step 5 – Bring the Skeleton Key to the Exo Stranger

You will need to continue on through Creation to the Giant Exo Head, where you will find Anna Bray and the Exo Stranger.

Step 6 – Location all the Entropic Shards on Europa

You will need to track down all of the Entropic Shards on Europa. We have a very useful guide to help you with this.

Step 7 – Crux of Darkness, Riis-Reborn Approach

You will need to follow the waypoints to the Crux at Riis-Reborn approach. Like similar missions, you will need to fight a lot of enemies at this location. Once you have all the enemies cleared out, you will have access to the Aspect of Destruction for your character.