How to get the Barnacle-Back Coral Crab pet in The Elder Scrolls Online

Sit back and watch the next expansion’s reveal.


Screenshot via Bethesda

One of the best parts of The Elder Scrolls Online is showing off a unique character through their looks, armor, weapons, and pet. You can get several pets in the game and switch them out depending on what you want with you at the time. They’re not always practical, but they do add to the overall feel of your character. This guide explains how to get the Barnacle-Back Coral Crab pet, an exotic pet exclusive to a specific reveal event.

Watch the 2022 global reveal event

Image via The Elder Scrolls Online YouTube

The only way to get the Barnacle-Back Coral Crab pet at the time of writing is to watch the global reveal event stream on January 27, 2022. Before watching, you need to link your ESO account to your Twitch account so that the game registers that you watched the event. The stream takes place at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET/8 PM GMT on Bethesda’s official Twitch channel.

While it’s not a requirement to get this pet, there will be a secondary stream just after the reveal event where developers will discuss the content that’s been revealed and some of the upcoming changes to The Elder Scrolls Online in 2022. So it’s probably worth sticking around in case something else is on offer during that stream.