How to get the Batmobile in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Ride like the night.


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The Batmobile is a car that has a long history with the Hot Wheels franchise. Many versions of the Batmobile have been created several sets, all of which are highly desirable due to the dual collectibility of the vehicles from both DC and Hot Wheels fans. In Hot Wheels Unleashed, it’s possible to get your hands on the 2019 Batman version of the car, and this guide explains how.

You don’t need the Batman Expansion for Hot Wheels Unleashed to get this car. While that expansion does add new Batman-themed vehicles, the Batmobile was in Hot Wheels Unleashed at launch. 

Find it or buy it

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There are two ways to get the Batmobile in Hot Wheels Unleashed. The first is to strike it lucky with a Blind Box. These are the game’s loot boxes that can only be purchased with in-game Coins. They cost 500 Coins each, but your chances of getting the Batmobile are pretty low due to how rare it is. We recommend waiting for the second method.

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The second way to get the Batmobile in the game is to buy it from the shop. Your shop inventory resets every hour or so, meaning you’ll have a better chance of purchasing the car the more you play. When we found it, the car cost us 2,000 Coins, which is a far better deal than the disappointment we could have felt from purchasing four Blind Boxes for the same amount.