All new content in the Hot Wheels Unleashed Batman Expansion

Yes, there’s a Batcave.

Image via Koch Media

Hot Wheels Unleashed launched with a Volume 1 Pass, the first season pass for the game. If you purchased it, then you’ll have access to the Batman Expansion, the first major expansion to the game that adds something more meaningful than a few new cars. This guide covers everything new in this expansion, so you know what you can start playing around with.

The contents in the Hot Wheels Unleashed Batman Expansion is as follows.

  • 1 new environment: The batcave
  • 5 new vehicles: The Penguin, The Joker GT, Robin 2.0T, Batman Rebirth, Armored Batman
  • 11 customization options for your Basement
  • 2 items sets for your Unleashed profile
  • A new campaign segment to play through in Hot Wheels City Rumble

To date, each update or DLC to Hot Wheels Unleashed has only added new customization items or vehicles. The Batman Expansion is the first to add a new segment to the main campaign, which offers 14 new events for you to race your way through in any of the five new cars that you get upfront with this expansion. However, the segment only takes up one-third of the space below the main campaign, indicating that two more campaigns are planned for the future. A the time of writing, it’s not known what these expansions will entail.