How to get the Beware of Trains and Ticket Please Achievements in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Tickets, please.

Call of Duty: Vanguard has plenty of achievements for players to complete as they make their way through the game. Two of them will appear in the first mission, in the form of Ticket Please and Beware of Trains.

Ticket Please is something that players should start working on as soon as they start the mission. Spend as much time on the roof of the train as you can, as you will need to take out 15 enemies while on the roof to get that achievement. It’s not that hard if you start at the very beginning and take your time to open the hatches in the roof and shoot down at the people inside.

The second achievement in this level, Beware of Trains, is a little more awkward. As you make your way down the train, two trucks will appear alongside you on the right side. You will need to aim carefully at the driver’s seat and take them out.

This will cause the trucks to go out of control, smashing into the train and destroying them. Doing this with both trucks will get you the Beware of Trains achievement. You can pretty easily get both of these wrapped up in the same run of the mission, but if you need to repeat it you can do so from the main campaign screen.