How to get the butterfly knife in Valorant

It is known as Recon Balisong.

How to get butterfly knife Valorant

Image via Riot Games

Butterfly Knife has already been made available in Valorant as a part of Recon bundle, a military-inspired collection in the game. The knife is named Recon Balisong, and players were extensively seeking its arrival for a very long time, and the hype reached new heights after Riot confirmed its debut last month.

The Butterfly Knife is popular for its amazing animation, and players can grab three different variants, including red, blue, and green. If you want to include this beautiful knife in your inventory, here’s how you can get it.

Valorant – Steps to get Recon Balisong

How to get butterfly knife in Valorant
Image via Riot Games

To unlock the butterfly knife, players can either buy the Recon bundle for 7,100 VP or purchase the knife individually for 3550 VP, which is a premium price. Here’s how you can buy the Recon bundle or only the knife:

  • Start Valorant and log in with your Riot account.
  • Go to Store, and you will see the Recon bundle banner.
  • Click on 7100 VP if you want to buy the bundle altogether, or click on the banner to purchase butterfly knife only.
  • Click on 3550 VP to buy Recon Balisong or the butterfly knife.
  • If you want to unlock all knife variants, you will have to spend an additional 10 Radianite Points per variant.

Recon bundle falls into the Premium Edition skin tier, and along with Recon Balisong or the butterfly knife, it includes Recon Spectre, Recon Guardian, Recon Ghost, and Recon Phantom.