How to get the Cassette Tape in Stray

Robots got some killer jams.

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You’ve finally reached Midtown in Stray but you still have a lot to do. You need to break into the Neco Corporation building but need to get your paws on a Cassette Tape to make it happen. The NPCs in the apartment complex have what you need, but they won’t give you any of their Cassette Tapes until you do something for them. Destroy the cameras and they might be willing to help you out.

How to get the Cassette Tape

After locating the NPCs at the bottom of the apartment complex, talking to them will reveal that they want you to destroy the cameras in the area. Doing this will allow them to enjoy themselves in peace.

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The first of the security cameras can be found by going up the stairs behind Simon in the back of the apartment complex. At the top of the stairs, make a 180-degree turn and go back to the front of the apartment complex on the second floor. All three of the cameras are located around this area. There are two next to the ledges on either side of the floor and one on the wall above where you entered the complex. Jump on the cameras and jump off of them to cause them to fall and break. Once all three are destroyed, return to Simon and he will give you a Cassette Tape.

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Where to use the Cassette Tape

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You will need to use the Cassette Tape to get the worker’s jacket from the clothing store. The clothing store can be found need the center of Midtown where the hologram is. Go into the clothing store and head to the back room. You will find a cassette player. Insert the Cassette Tape into the player to make it start playing loud music. The store owner will rush to the back giving you the opportunity to snag the jacket.