How to get the crowbar in MADiSON

A pretty useful tool.

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MADiSON is filled with important tools that you need to use to escape the house. Like any horror game, you won’t have these tools readily available and need to go out of your way to get quite a few of them. The crowbar is one of the more important tools that you will find throughout your journey. Unfortunately, it is also hidden behind a locked door that you can’t access until later on.

How to get the crowbar

To get the crowbar, you first need to get your hands on the basement key. The basement is the area you accessed earlier on in the game by going through the red door past the generator. The door now requires a key to open. After escaping from the attic sequence, you will head down the ladder only to hear the phone ringing. Listen to the message and then make your way to grandpa’s bedroom. Go to the closet where the solar medallion puzzle is and look at the floorboard in the corner. There is a raised board with a small key sticking out of it. Grab the key.

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Now that you have the basement key, enter the basement through the red door. Enter the basement and you will see a sign on the wall that says the crowbar is in the basement. The lights will flicker and the basement will change. When the light stops flickering it will drop to your eye level and you will be surrounded by metal shelves. Interact with the light to make the room change. Keep interacting with the light and look around on the shelves. The crowbar will appear on a shelf close to you after interacting with the light a couple of times.

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Where to use the crowbar

The crowbar is used on wooden boards. Most noticeably, you can use the crowbar on floorboards that are sticking up. There are two that you can get to immediately after getting the crowbar. The first is in the closet of grandpa’s bedroom where you got the basement key. The second is in the attic near where the ladder is. Later on, you will need the crowbar for other boards. This item can even be used to get a secret achievement.