How to get the Deadly Ribbon in BitLife

Getting away with murder has never been this rewarding.


Image via Candywriter LLC

Out of all the ribbons you can earn in BitLife, getting the Deadly ribbon is bar far one of the hardest. It requires performing a string of murders either done by your hands or someone else. Commit murder by way of clubbing, drive-by, even an atomic wedgie. So long as you have at least five murders under your belt, you’ll get the Deadly ribbon.

First and foremost, you need a car and your license. When you’re old enough, select “Activities” and pick “License” from the list. You need to answer a single question correctly to be awarded your driver’s license. As soon as you can start working, do so. Aim for a decent owned car since low-condition vehicles tend to break down more often.

By buying a car, you open up the option for drive-by murders. Aside from clubbing people to death, a drive-by is one of the most successful methods of killing. How many times do you hear someone dying from an atomic wedgie? It’s possible in BitLife, but it’s also the hardest to pull off. While luck of the draw is still very much a factor in a successful murder and in general, so is logic.

Committing murder is as easy as tapping “Murder” from the “Crime” menu, located under “Activities.” But who to murder? Most of your options boil down to people you know—family, co-workers, significant other. However, one random person is always available as an option, someone without a name. That’s your target. They provide the highest chance of success. Choose the random person from the drop-down menu, then pick your method. If clubbing or drive-by isn’t a choice, tap the X in the top-left corner and pick “Murder” again until it comes up as an option.

Getting away with murder in BitLife is already tough enough. Prison makes it that much harder. You won’t be able to kill anyone inside prison, so escaping prison is your only option should your life of crime lead to a dead end.

Alternatively, if you’re a Bitizen, you can knock out all five murders by hiring a hitman under the “Activities” menu. It comes with its own set of problems, unfortunately. For starters, the hitman could simply take off with your money, leaving the target alive. It’s also possible they’re an undercover cop. They might even come back and attempt to kill you if you don’t pay up.

Either way, getting the Deadly ribbon takes patience and a whole lot of luck.