How to get the Error glove in Slap Battles

Send your enemies flying out of the game!

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The Error glove is a powerful tool in Slap Battles, capable of sending players to the floating point, causing them to glitch out due to Roblox engine quirks. The glove has an infinite power source, and its visual design uses the missing source texture. Furthermore, you can easily get the Error glove if you know how to, and this Slap Battles guide explains the unlock process in detail.

Where and how to unlock the Error glove in Slap Battles

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To obtain the Error glove in Slap Battles, it is necessary to earn 20,000 slaps by slapping other players. Remember, you must get those slaps in a public server since private ones won’t count. Once you have the slaps, you must head to where the glove is. The glove’s location is hidden behind a golden Moai statue in the corner between the Normal Arena and Slap Royale portals.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you reach the location, make sure to have the required amount of slaps, as the glove will glow red and become unpickable if you don’t. If you have the needed slaps, click the Error glove to pick it up. Now you can equip and use Error glove anytime you wish.

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Should you grind for the Error glove?

The Error glove is used in Slap Battles because it has several advantages over other gloves. It can effectively counter tab glitchers, making it almost impossible to survive a slap with it, like the OVERKILL glove. The passive of the glove also bypass the ability of the Reverse glove. It is also the cheapest one-shot in the game and is the easiest hidden glove to get.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using the Error glove. It cannot bypass the abilities of the Golden, Blocked, Buddies, and Shield gloves, making it less effective against players who have these abilities. Additionally, the ability of the Error glove is considered borderline useless due to the built-in reset button in Roblox.