How to get the Eyepatch in Return to Monkey Island

A convincing (enough) disguise.

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The first major challenge you face in Return to Monkey Island is figuring out how to — well, return to Monkey Island. Without a ship of your own, let alone a crew, your only option is to hitch a ride on the only ship in Melee Island, one belonging to your arch-nemesis LeChuck. Before you can become a crew member for the voyage, though, you’ll need a convincing disguise. Luckily, there’s an Eyepatch at the museum that’s rumored to have powerful disguising properties. Too bad the museum’s curator isn’t too eager to part with it.

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How to steal the Eyepatch from the museum

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There are a couple of hurdles you’ll need to overcome to get your hands on the Eyepatch successfully. First, you’ll need a key to open the case its in. You can get one at the locksmith by bringing her a copy of the serial number, same as you did to free Otis from jail earlier. The only problem is this number is too small to read, even with your monocle. Luckily, the mapmaker gives monocles away for free, and you can head back to his store to pick up a second one. Just combine them in your inventory and you’ll have all the magnifying power you’ll need.

How to distract the parrot

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A key isn’t all you need, though. You also need some way to distract the guard parrot that’s keeping watch over the museum’s valuables. Some crackers will do the trick, but a quick check of the museum’s back room only nets you a box of unprepared cracker mix. Luckily, the locksmith has you covered here too. In her shop, you’ll find a stack of crackers on the counter. Although she doesn’t want to part with them, you can convince her by trading in your box of cracker mix.

Once you have everything you need, just head back to the museum, distract the parrot with the crackers, and unlock the case to get your new disguise. Afterward, you will still need to imbue the Eyepatch with magic, which you can do at the House of Voodoo. You will need to bring in some payment, though. For this, you can harvest one of the carnivorous plants from the forest using your knife, then turn it in for a just-good-enough disguise.