How to get the Face Breaker in Fallout 76

The Face Breaker is one of the best unarmed legendary weapons to get your hands on. Where is it though?


Image via Bethesda

Legendary weapons are hard to come by in Fallout 76, well good ones at least. You might waste hours or even days trying to get that perfect legendary weapon. One of the great weapons for those who choose to take on the wasteland unarmed is the Face Breaker. This Power Fist looks a little different than the standard one and comes equipped with three legendary perks; furious, +1 strength, and increased power attack damage.

The furious effect increases your damage against a target after each consecutive hit. This stacks an additional 15% damage onto your attack each time you hit the same enemy. The added strength speaks for itself and gives an increase to your damage for each point that you have. The increased power attack damage means that your power attacks deal an additional 40% damage. All combined, this weapon can be pretty devastating. The question is, how do you get it?

Getting the Face Breaker

The Face Breaker comes as a reward for completing the quest, A Knight’s Penance. This quest will take some time to get to. It was added as part of the Steel Reign update and is the second mission in the second half of the Brotherhood of Steel questline. Once complete, you will get the Face Breaker with legendary perks and all. There is another way to get this weapon and that is by crafting it. First, you will need to get the plans.

Where to get the Face Breaker plans

To get the plans for the Face Breaker, you will need to complete the Daily Ops mission. This will get you a chance at receiving the plan. To get the best chance at getting the plans you will want to complete the Daily Ops mission with the Elder Tier. This will get you a guaranteed rare drop. You still get a chance at getting the plans if you complete the mission on the Initiate or Paladin Tier. The chance at getting a rare drop for these tiers is 5% and 10%. If you are having trouble, join a team for some extra help.