How to get the Fire Emblem Engage Tarot Cards

Read your Fire Emblem fortune.

Image via Nintendo

There’s nothing better than going to pick up a game or opening a fresh package with a game you order, and receiving extra goodies related to your purchase. For years, game developers have given extra rewards to those who preorder or just buy their game. These rewards can range from pins to statues or cool maps. Fire Emblem has also joined in this practice, and for the release of Fire Emblem Engage, they are giving away unique Fire Emblem-themed Tarot cards. How do you obtain these Tarot cards thought?

Where to get the Fire Emblem Engage Tarot Cards

The cards are exclusive to those to buy the game through the retailer Gamestop. You don’t have to preorder the game or even get the special edition; they are given to everyone who buys the game. Supplies are probably limited, though, so if you haven’t picked up the game yet and want the tarot cards along with it, you should act soon. No other retailer is given away this tarot card deck.

Why Tarot?

The cards are fashioned after the twelve Emblem Lords who are in Fire Emblem Engage. 12 characters from past Fire Emblem titles are part of the story through a mechanic called Emblem Rings, which is central to Engage’s plot.

Tarot cards first appeared sometime in 15th-century Europe and acting as something akin to playing cards. Such card decks eventually became popular in cartomancy, or fortune telling. Nowadays, playing cards and tarot cards are two different things thanks to the rise in popularity of fortune telling.

Fire Emblem has never used Tarot as a mechanic before, so it seems like an odd choice for a bonus for buying the game. Tarot archetypes are used in all kinds of media as a basis for character development, and boy, does Fire Emblem like to use archetypes. The wise older man, the womanizer, the hermit, the fool, these are all common in Fire Emblem games.

If you’re looking for these Fire Emblem-inspired Tarot cards, hurry down to your local Gamestop and get a copy of Fire Emblem Engage.