How to get the Foam Wrapped Bike in Riders Republic

A safer riding experience for your bike.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Foam Wrapped Bike is a Shackdaddy ride that you can unlock in Riders Republic. While it doesn’t look like the most exciting bike in your collection, unlike the Relics you can find dotted around the world, it’s a useful addition that will help you outperform the competition in stunts. This guide explains how to get the Foam Wrapped Bike so you can start to show off your skills in style with maximum safety.

Six Shackdaddy Challenges

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Foam Wrapped Bike was added to Riders Republic as the main Shackdaddy Challenges reward for one week. This is the only known way to guarantee the bike as a reward, and it’s not clear if the bike can be earned through career progression. As such, the only way to get it is to complete six Shackdaddy Challenges over the course of a week. You’ll need to keep an eye on the challenges each week to see when you have your chance.

There are nine challenges available for you to complete on your journey during the week that the Foam Wrapped Bike is available. These may differ each time the bike is on offer, but the following are the challenges we had available when the bike was first added to the game.

  • The Forest for the Trees: Complete five events that start in Sequoia
  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Complete ten events in the Time Limited Playlist
  • ATV: Accumulate 500,000 points with bike/snow in free roam
  • Walking Holiday: Complete three unique creations
  • Too Close for Comfort: Accumulate 500,000 points with wingsuit in free roam
  • Travel Itinerary: Complete five unique stunts
  • Fast Pass: Complete 30 events/multiplayer events
  • Ride the High Country: Complete five events in Mammoth
  • Sam-I-Am: Complete five events in Yosemite

The easiest challenges to complete this week are those that require you to complete five events in a specific location. It’s also effortless to complete a total of 30 events and ten events in the Time Limited Playlist. The last one we’d recommend if you want to finish fast is the unique creations challenge since this will give you something fresh to play that isn’t too taxing. Finally, if you need some extra cash, try completing a few Sponsor Contracts to earn more Bucks.

Once you’ve completed six challenges, the Foam Wrapped Bike will drop in your inventory and be available for you to use in relevant events.