How to get the Giant Tick outfit in Dead Cells’ The Bad Seed

There’s a new appearance item in The Bad Seed DLC

Image via Motion Twin

New areas in Dead Cells means there are not only new locations to explore, but enemies to take down and items to grab. Among those items is the Giant Tick outfit. In Dead Cells, you have the chance to alter the outfit of your main character to make him appear different. There’s an extensive list of available outfits for you to grab, and the Giant Tick is now available in the game’s DLC The Bad Seed.

You can only obtain the Giant Tick outfit from fighting Mama Tick, the new boss at the end of the DLC. To access the DLC, you first need to get the Dilapidated Arboretum Key. After you have that, proceed through the two levels, fighting the hordes of baddies along the way, or skip through them to reach the end of the game called the Nest.

There, you will find Mama Tick, and taking her down can take you a few attempts. After you take her down, she explodes to provide you with a variety of different loot. A loot item you have the chance to receive from her is the Giant Tick outfit. There are five variations of it, and to obtain the five variations, you need to increase the difficulty of the game to receive each one.

If you want to increase the difficulty, you need to complete the entire original game and beat The Hand of the King to receive a Boss Stem Cell. You then use this item at the start of the game to increase the difficulty, and if you defeat The Hand of the King again with this active, you receive another one, increasing the difficulty another time. You can increase the difficulty four times, but you can receive five Boss Stem Cells in total.

To receive all variations of the Giant Tick outfit, you need to beat Mama Tick on all difficulty levels.