How to get the Glorifier in Rocket League and best prices

One of the best animated Decals out there.


Image via Psyonix

Glorifier is a Black Market Decal in Rocket League that makes your vehicles look like their paint is flowing across them. Unfortunately, as with most desirable Decals, this one has an abysmal drop rate from Black Market Crates: under 1%. However, it is still possible to earn this Decal, and in this guide, we’ll explain how you can and how much you should expect to pay for it.

How to get the Glorifier Decal

The most reliable way to get the Glorifier Decal in Rocket League is by purchasing a Black Market Crate and having it drop. However, this is made particularly difficult because of the drop rate, making for much more of a grind that you might want to put up with. There are third-party websites that allow you to contact other players who are willing to sell their Decals and set up a trade. However, this relies on the seller fulfilling their end of the deal and trading something for the Decal, such as credits.

If you’re looking for a seller, then we recommend using the Rocket League Exchange. This is a Subreddit where players get together to exchange their items in fair deals. It’s a part of the community as opposed to a business.

Best prices for the Glorifier Decal

The price for the Glorifier Decal varies from platform to platform. Third-party websites are hard to track because each seller will have their own price. However, the latest average market price across all platforms is 221 credits. This tends to vary slightly every week, but the 250 mark is about right when you’re looking to buy Glorifier.

If you manage to get hold of the Blueprint for Glorifier, you can, of course, craft it yourself. However, you’ll also have to spend about 2,000 credits to craft it. Considering you may only need to spend 250 credits to purchase it, the effort to earn those credits doesn’t seem worth it.