How to get the Trigon in Rocket League and best prices

The best Black Market Decal on the market.


Image via Psyonix Studios

Trigon is a Black Market Decal in Rocket League, and it’s the most desirable one you’ll find. There are a few versions of it to collect, but it has a meager chance of dropping from black market crates, less than one percent. Players love this Decal because it allows them to create unique designs using the rest of their cosmetics in the game. However, it’s easy to get scammed if you’re trying to purchase or trade for this Decal, which is why we’ve put together this article on where to purchase it and the best prices to look for. 

How to get the Trigon Decal

As we’ve mentioned, the Tirgon Decal can only be purchased through third-party websites and communities or picked up from a Black Market crate if you’re incredibly lucky. Most players prefer to trade for it because it’s so rare. So you’ll have to spend a bit of cash on it or trade from your Rocket League inventory. Prices fluctuate massively for this Decal depending on whether streamers or YouTubers are using it, so, naturally, it’s easy to find a website selling it above market value.

Best Prices for the Trigon Decal

Prices for this Decal vary across each site and individual selling it, though thankfully, the value is consistent across each platform. Some websites will demand that you purchase a certain amount of credits from them before any purchases can be made, ensuring that each user spends a minimum amount, but other sites don’t have this requirement. As a result, it’s generally much easier and cheaper to trade directly with another player.

The market values per platform for this Decal at the time of writing are as follows.

  • PC: 150-250 Credits
  • PlayStation: 150-250 Credits
  • Xbox: 200-300 Credits
  • Nintendo Switch: 350-500 Credits

The Blueprint sells for around 30 Credits on all platforms, but you also need to factor in the cost of crafting that Blueprint, which is 2000 Credits.

The prices for this Decal are now lower than they have ever been before. With new cosmetics being introduced all the time, prices should stay low as time goes on. While you can purchase the Decal from third-party websites, we’d recommend using moderated forums such as the Rocket League Exchange on Reddit to find someone willing to sell the Decal to you. As long as you pay a price comparable to those shown above, you’re not being ripped off.