How to get the Gold Rings in Atomic Heart

There is no need to comb through the entire facility for these shiny rings.

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Like many games featuring a vast environment for players to explore, Atomic Heart comes with its fair share of items for players to collect as they make their way around Facility 3826, including various resources and weapons. The Gold Rings, in particular, are referenced throughout the game and are touted as powerful items. With sentient technology that is dead set on eliminating humans, you will need all the power you can get.

We will go into the specifics of obtaining these rings below, and while we are keeping the wording for the mission as vague as possible, there will be spoilers for the game’s main story, so proceed with caution if you would like to avoid these spoilers entirely. Here is how you can get the Gold Rings in Atomic Heart.

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Where do you get the Gold Rings in Atomic Heart

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Contrary to many of the other in-game items, players will not have to trawl through Facility 3826 in order to find the Gold Rings, as they are story locked and will become available once the player has reached a certain point of progression in the game’s main storyline. They are considered a key item in the game’s scenario and will automatically be given to players once they have watched a certain cutscene.

Players will acquire the Gold Rings after completing the theatre mission. During a cutscene, one of the characters will hand over the rings to the player, right before they get brutally beheaded. As for a timeframe, this should occur once the player has progressed through roughly three-quarters of the main storyline.

Once you have acquired the Gold Rings, you will need to hang on to them for a future mission, where they will be used. After completing that mission, they will not be brought up further in the game’s storyline, which is a pity considering how often they were brought up prior to the player actually acquiring them.