How to get the golden dung beetle DIY project in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The almighty dung beetle.

When seasons change in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, not only do you see the difference on your island, but you can also find new forms of DIY projects wandering upon your shores. Some of them are rare, and you won’t always be able to suss them out, no matter how hard you try. A notably difficult DIY project to find is the golden dung beetle.

The golden dung beetle statue is an odd duck. It’s purely a statue of dung beetle holding a ball, likely made of dung, above its head. There’s nothing else special about it. However, if you want to craft it, you need to have at least three golden nuggets in your inventory. Those are extremely hard to come by, much like the golden dung beetle DIY project itself. As long as you have three golden nuggets somewhere on your character you can craft it when you acquire the project.

Obtaining the project is another difficult thing to do. You likely won’t be able to receive it as gift from another villager or be able to purchase it from Nook’s Cranny in Timmy or Tommy’s inventory. You’ll likely only be able to grab it from the floating presents you see roaming your sky that you need to take down with your slingshot. If you see any of these in the air, shoot them down and help your luck holds hope to have it waiting for you.

Alternatively, you might be able to grab it from a message in a bottle. Both of them are random chances for you to find it. It’s a toss-up if you’re going to get it, so you need to keep checking the message in bottles that show up on your island every day and shoot down every balloon you see roaming through your skies. Eventually, you should have it. Make sure you save up your golden nuggets for it, too.