State of Decay 2 – How to Get the Haven Device

The Haven Device is a powerful tool in State of Decay 2, but it can take some work to get one and start using it to protect a base.

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There are many obstacles players will come up against in State of Decay 2. From sieges on their bases to a constant onslaught of zombies that makes each day a nightmare, it can get to the point that it feels like there’s no break or relief.

Going out on a supply run could be the last time a player sees their base in some cases, so protection is sorely needed. The Homecoming update added the Haven Device, which is a great way for players to give their base some much-needed defenses, and this guide explains how to get one.

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How to Get a Haven Device in State of Decay 2

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To get the Haven Device in State of Decay 2, players need to complete the Meeting CLEO storyline or trade for it with another player that has already acquired it. The easiest and most legitimate way of acquiring the Haven Device is sticking to the game’s story and earning it from an NPC, but there’s no harm in getting it from another player if someone has already seen all the story beats.

How to Get a Haven Device From the Meeting CLEO Storyline in State of Decay 2

The Meeting CLEO storyline takes place on the Trumbull Valley map. Players must first find Mickey Wilkerson and help him, Dr. Hoffman, and Izzbee out with their missions. Focusing on Izzbee’s missions, in particular, will speed this part of the process along.

After roughly 12 in-game days, Dr. Hoffman will then contact the player and ask to install the Haven Device. After returning to their bases, players will find the group waiting to speak to them. Once the Haven Device has been installed, a siege will take place and last for four minutes, and players need to survive to get the Haven Device installed. Multiple freak zombies will appear in the siege, so players should be ready with backup weapons for their backup weapons.

How to Get the Haven Device From Another Player in State of Decay 2

To get a Haven Device from another player in State of Decay 2, players must join a game with someone else who already has the Haven Device. Then, they need to trade that player for the mod, the Haven Capsule, for the Haven Device, which can then be installed in a base.

The Haven Capsule weighs 125 lbs, so players will need to walk with it or throw it in a vehicle to get it to their base. Once back at their base, players can install the Haven Device as they would through the Meeting CLEO Storyline. However, it’ll still trigger a siege, so players need to stock up for that ahead of time.

What is the Haven Device in State of Decay 2?

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The Haven Device is a facility players can build in their base in State of Decay 2. It will kill any enemies that step into a certain radius around it, which should cover a player’s entire base. Players can track when the device is functioning correctly because the eyes of zombies within the radius will turn green shortly before their heads explode after entering the radius.

The Haven Device requires power, so players need to build a generator for it. It’ll also break down slowly over time, costing 25 parts each day. This can be reduced to 11 parts per day if players have water in their base. If the player’s base provides electricity automatically, this will also power the Haven Device, so there’s no need to build a generator.

The device is a breath of fresh air and gives players the room they need to go out on supply runs. Focusing on completing missions is much easier when there’s one less reason to return to the base. As long as the needs of people at the base are met, zombies should be the last thing players worry about once the Haven Device is built.