How to get the Hi-Fi assault rifle in Far Cry 6

The Hi-Fi assault rifle is easy to find and worth investing your time in obtaining.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Hi-Fi assault rifle is one of the weapons you will find throughout your adventures across Yara in Far Cry 6. While some weapons are found randomly throughout the world or by completing quests, the Hi-Fi is found by searching a specific location.

What makes this assault rifle worthwhile is that it comes pre-equipped with blast rounds, the Gut-Wrencher mod that increases body shot damage, and the Preloader mod that increases your reload speed when you replace a partially used magazine. This weapon also has a large magazine when compared to other assault rifles.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Take a look at the image above. The Hi-Fi assault rifle can be found by searching around El Rancho Bicho. This location is pretty much in the center of Noventarmas. There are a few nearby areas that you can use to fast travel to this area as well to make the trek more bearable.

Once you arrive, you should see a house with graffiti on it and an old pick-up truck outside. It is very easy to spot but use the picture below if you need a reference.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Go inside the house and claim your reward. The chest is in front of the front door. There shouldn’t be any enemies around to stop you from collecting your loot.