How to get the Impact Driver LMG in Far Cry 6

The Impact Driver LMG is a powerful tool to use against Castillo’s army.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Impact Driver is one of the unique weapons that you can find throughout Far Cry 6. While some weapons are found by completing missions, some are found by opening specific chests throughout the island. The Impact Driver is one of the weapons you will find by searching a specific chest in the Chancletas Resort.

The Impact Driver LMG comes pre-equipped with armor-piercing rounds, the Gut-Wrencher perk that increases body shot weapon damage, the Nimble Shooter perk that increases your movement speed while aiming. These perks combine to create a wonderful weapon that can quickly take out armored targets.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Take a look at the map above. To find the Impact Driver, you will first need to go to Chancletas Resort. This area is located on the eastern shore of Barrial. While it is a trek to reach this area, you can capture a checkpoint along the way for fast travel purposes if you should have to come back in the future.

After arriving at the resort, find the pathway that leads between two green walls. The wall on the right has an ocean design on it. Along the right wall is a gate. Go through the gate to find another gate that you can’t go through.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There is a white building with a red door to the left of the locked gate. Climb on top of that small building and use it to jump over the wall with the locked gate. You will land on the other side next to the chest with the Impact Driver in it.