How to get the limited-time Jackdaw boat cosmetics in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Make Edward Kenway proud.

While it’s been several years since Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag came out, we are still seeing its popularity and influence throughout the series. This stands true with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, as Ubisoft has given players the ability to relive their times on the Jackdaw.

The Jackdaw was the name of the ship you sailed the seas on in Black Flag, and with the recent release of Valhalla’s River Raids DLC, Ubisoft has given players a series of challenges they can undertake in order to receive cosmetics to make their ship look like Edward Kenway’s.

If you have played the River Raids game mode, then you know that you can customize your ship to look a certain way, provided you have the necessary cosmetics unlocked. Customization is split into five parts of the ship:

  • Hull
  • Sail
  • Shields
  • Figurehead
  • Tailpiece

You can unlock a Jackdaw-specific look for everything but the Shields category, and luckily, the challenges to do so aren’t too difficult at all.

Not so lucky is the fact that these are only available for a limited time and will go away on February 25. Be sure to complete these challenges before time runs out.

How to view challenges

The first thing to note is that the game doesn’t tell you about the challenges you need to complete in order to unlock the Jackdaw cosmetics. The challenges are through the Ubisoft Connect service, which you can access by going to the Main Menu and selecting the option for it.

Go to Challenges, and then select Time-Limited. You will see all the challenges you need to complete here.

Jackdaw Hull

Fortunately, the Hull doesn’t require you to have to do the work alone, as it is part of the “Raid, Plunder, and Glory!” community challenge. The challenge asks everyone to play the River Raids mode 500,000 times for the Jackdaw Hull to be unlocked.

Lucky for you, the challenge has already been completed by the community, so simply head to the challenge and claim your reward.

Jackdaw Sail

The Jackdaw Sail is the second reward for the “Raid, Plunder, and Glory!” challenge, and asks the community to play River Raids a total of 1,000,000 times, and just like the first part, the challenge has already been completed by the community.

Go ahead and claim it for it to appear in the customization screen for your ship.

Jackdaw Tailpiece

For the Jackdaw Tail cosmetic, you are going to have to complete the challenge alone. The challenge in question is aptly titled River Raids, and for its first part, you need to play the mode five times.

You can easily do this without even having to do a full batch of raiding on a map; you can simply choose your map, head there, and immediately blow your horn to end the raid and return home. This will count towards the overall times you have played. You just have to sacrifice the 50 Silver to go on each raid, so be sure to stock up on that currency.

Jackdaw Figurehead

The last piece of Jackdaw cosmetics to earn is the Figurehead and comes as the reward to the second part of River Raids. This time, you have to play the mode a total of 10 times and the reward is yours.